Bronx Loaf is a free, weeklong creative writing program for teens.  Bronx Loafers have the opportunity to work with professional authors, publish their own pieces in our anthology, Breaking Bread, and meet students from all around the city.

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If you want a sense of what we do, check out our cool video from our 2015 conference:

“I would say this program is a mecca for anyone who loves writing… Meeting other people who are as in love with writing as you are, and adults who are masters of the craft is awe-inspiring to say the least. Join, grow, and write!”


At Bronx Loaf you will find…


“Bronx Loaf allows you to get feedback on both your strengths and weaknesses as a writer from both a professional and other readers, enabling you to augment your skills.”


Professional Writers…

“The one-on-one conferences are BEYOND insightful and helpful.”


Sharing of words…

“If you love writing, want to be a better writer, enjoy words of any form you should just join. Never be afraid to share something you have created. Attending this conference will make you view your work differently and feel proud of it.”

IMG_2251  IMG_2287IMG_2282


“It’s a great place to meet creative, like minded people. You learn a lot, you think, you make friends…it’s really a positive experience!”

DSC_0025DSCN2506IMG_2820IMG_2264 DSC_0052

…And a chance to publish YOUR work!

“It was an extremely wonderful feeling seeing my work in a published book”

photo (17)photo-1photophoto-2


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