The Foundation for Letters

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The Foundation for Letters  (FFL) is the fiscal sponsor of Bronx Loaf. The FFL promotes improved college access through engagement with writing by providing urban schools with a range of literary-focused academic and enrichment programs. We also provide schools with assistance in the development of their own external support organizations, which build networks of donors, volunteers and partners that support literacy-focused education at their schools.

After more than a decade of experience serving as the BAL Advisory Board – the primary external support organization for the Bronx Academy of Letters, the Board incorporated in 2012 and formed FFL. Since 2012, FFL has continued its support of Bronx Letters, and aims to expand the reach of its work beyond a single school.  In 2015, FFL stands poised to provide to urban schools a blueprint for how to positively impact their communities through external support for literacy-based academic and enrichment programming.