images-2CHRISTIAN PATRICK CLARKE (Program Director)

Christian is the director of Bronx Loaf. The idea for Bronx Loaf was inspired by his time working at the venerable writers’ conference in Vermont known as Bread Loaf (the conference is held on a mountain that is called Bread Loaf mountain, a mountain that bears an uncanny resemblance to a loaf of bread). He has been teaching 11th Grade English Language Arts and 12th grade drama at Brooklyn Tech since September 2014. Before that he taught at the Bronx Academy of Letters. He’s been teaching for 13 years in New York City, where he plans to teach for the next 5-45 years, depending on a few things.

wisconsin LAURA MERCOGLIANO-CLARKE (Assistant Program Director) 

Laura is the Assistant Director of Bronx Loaf.  She taught Literature and Writing for 10 years in the Bronx.  Seven of those years were at the Bronx Academy of Letters, home base of Bronx Loaf.  She currently teaches 7th grade English at the Hommocks Middle School in Larchmont, NY.  She loves working with young people and is constantly inspired by their creativity and energy.   At Bronx Loaf, she organizes the conference, helping to plan the workshops, schedule, and activities.  When she is not in the classroom or managing Bronx Loaf, Laura likes to travel, go to concerts, and hang out with her adorable cat, Eve.

1606864_2402711262268_75715616_n (1)

JOHN DOWNES ANGUS ( Director of Editing and Publishing)  

John teaches 10th Grade ELA at The Brooklyn Institute for Liberal Arts. In March 2014, he left his two-and-a-half year-long career in book publishing to pursue a career teaching English through the New York City Teaching Fellows. He is very happy with the change he made, and he sees Bronx Loaf as the ideal combination of his passions for both education and for helping people who feel already passionate about writing to improve their work in a productive and collaborative way. While not working in the classroom or grading or lesson planning, he keeps himself busy by writing, reading, talking about writing and reading, and exploring the city with his friends. 

img_0785RHUE THARAY (Intern)

Rhue is a student at Lehman College and is expected to graduate in 2019. She started her college career as a Nursing major, but after realizing that no one should trust her with their life, she quickly changed majors. She is now pursuing a dual degree in English (creative writing) and Philosophy (ethics and public policy) with a minor in Business Administration. Rhue was a Loafer in 2014 and returned as an intern in 2016. She currently works at a travel start-up as a community intern. When asked about her future plans, she states she is simply “making it up” as she goes along. Outside of school and work, Rhue enjoys sleeping in, visiting museums, playing with Snapchat filters, and making herself laugh.



Nijiko is a current college student at Kingsborough Community College and is majoring in Biology. She plans to go on to obtain an additional degree in Neuroscience after graduation. Nijiko is one of the very first Loafers, having participated in the 2013 Bronx Loaf, the first conference. She also attended in 2015, making her a two time Loafer! She then returned in 2016 as an intern. Nijiko views writing as her one true passion aside from neuroscience. When she isn’t writing she likes to spend her time taking artsy pictures, reading, or watching K-dramas.


Monika is a rising sophomore at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, where she is majoring in electrical engineering and minoring in professional writing. She is the fundraising coordinator for her school’s chapter of Engineers without Borders and is a member of Rensselaer Electric Vehicle. For the previous two summers, Monika attended the Bronx Loaf Writing Conference, where she is now returning as an intern. She enjoyed drawing the cover of last year’s issue of Breaking Bread and in 2016 she was the recipient of the QuestBridge Arts Award. In addition to writing and sketching, Monika takes part in photography, crocheting, traveling, and playing the piano.



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